The first class to complete a four-year cycle under the subsidised secondary education programme will know their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exam results on today, wednesday 29th 2012.
Education Minister Sam Ongeri will release the results at Mitihani House in Nairobi, where provincial directors of education will be present to collect the results for their respective regions.
A total of 413,733 candidates sat the KCSE exams in 2011 out of which
  • 230,330 were male 
  • 183,403 female.
The class of 2011 had 31,755 repeaters while private candidates were 8,921 under the Free Day Secondary Education (FDSE) that was started by the government in 2008.
There were 339,281 students in Form One when the programme started, but the class grew to 413,733 students, who sat the KCSE exams last year.
Out of these, 74,452 students repeated Form Four and Three levels soon after completing the cycle, accounting for the increase in the numbers, the Kenya National Examinations Council said.
In terms of age, majority of the candidates who sat Form Four exams last year were 18 years (120,285) and 19 years (99,122) while those aged 17 years were 63,719.
More than 110,000 candidates were 20 years and above, with the candidature being the highest ever to sit the exam. (READ: KCSE results to be released on Wednesday)
 The FDSE saw transition from primary to secondary school rise to 72.5 per cent up from 48 per cent in 2008 when the programme was started.
Due to this high level of transition, KCSE candidature is expected to reach a high of about 600,000 candidates in 2015.
Alliance High School topped last year’s Form Four exam results with a performance index of 11.2570 out of a possible 12.
Albert Kamau Wandui of Moi High School Kabarak was the best KCSE candidate with a performance index of 87.10357.
The best girl was Lydia Katini Mwangasha of Kenya High, who had a performance index of 87.04229 but ranked fifth overall.


The 2011 KCSE candidates will know their results today.

This is the first class to complete a four-year cycle thus their results will help determine the effectiveness and the impact of the subsidized secondary education program.

The  results will be available on the Kenya National Examination Council website on www.knec.ac.ke or

by sending the index number through SMS to 5052.

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Prof. Sam Ongeri demonstrates Some of the Young Michael Schofields’ tactics (that’s’ if You Watched Prison Break) in Primary Schools’ used.

photo from www.kenyauptodate.blogspot.com

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8 comments on “KCSE RESULTS TODAY ! #KNEC

  1. Education Ministry to increase the universities because the number of students increases every year. In our country we have very few national universities. I am also requesting the Ministry to offer courses like nursing , medicine in every university and puchase more materials for use since we have a shortage of doctors.

    Thanks that is request so far and again to consider female candicates.

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